The History

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Deyla Guadiana and Juan A Castro Sr. moved to Fort Worth from Mexico in the early 1960’s just after getting married. At a young age Deyla was a dreamer and a go-getter who aspired for something more. Starting at just 14 years old Deyla began making draperies and working with fabric in her family’s garage in Mexico. Juan Antonio Sr., despite being deaf and mute, overcame his disability and learned how to upholster form his uncle. The pair combined their artistic skills to create what is now J&D Interiors, Inc. Deyla and Juan Antonio Sr. worked their way up, breaking through language barriers and built the company form the ground up with very little. When it came to designing, Deyla loved looking at projects as if it was a “skeleton where there was an unlimited amount with what you could do” Juan Antonio Sr. would always tell her she was crazy by waving his hands in the air as she kept adding new projects and ideas to their life with three small children. Just a year after opening as business grew, she bought a second location which is where J&D is today. In 1985 more space was added to the North of the building and in 1996 even more space was added South of the original building. Today with the leadership of Juan A Castro Jr. J&D Interiors, Inc continues to be a family run business, keeping the dream alive for generations to come.

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